Unit Citation Issued


At the March monthly trustee's meeting, multiple members were issued a Unit Citation for saving a life on November 22, 2014. On November 22, 2014 at approximately 8:16 PM the Western Berks Fire Department along with Western Berks Ambulance were dispatched to Route 422 and Green Valley Road for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Additional information from the Berks County Communications Center was a single vehicle accident with a person trapped under the vehicle. Deputy Chief Zerman arrived on location and completed an assessment of the scene. Deputy Chief Zerman determined that no one was trapped underneath the vehicle. The only occupant was a restrained driver confined to the vehicle. At that time it was determined that the patient was unresponsive. The initial crew on scene performed a rapid extrication with the combi-tool and immediately initiated CPR. Engine 18-2 arrived on scene at 8:19 PM and the patient was extricated at 8:23 PM. The patient has made a full recovery. Excellent work to all involved!

The following members received a Unit Citation for this incident; Deputy Chief Bob Zerman, Captain Nevin Klahr, Lieutenant Jason Stine, Lieutenant Joey Stine, Firefighter Dave Pettis, Firefighter Robert Zerman, Firefighter Brandon Zerman, Firefighter Chris Sayers, and Firefighter John Stine